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PDO Mono Threads

PDO Mono threads are a fantastic way of providing structure to sagging skin and to inducing the body’s natural collagen production.

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A rejuvenating process

PDO Mono threads are a fantastic way of providing structure to sagging skin and to inducing the body’s natural collagen production. PDO mono threads are made from Polydiaxanone, which is the same absorbable material used in surgical suturing. Unlike barbed or cogged threads, which have anchoring points, mono threads are smooth and provide a subtle lifting effect.

The threads are carefully and purposefully inserted into the subdermal layer of the skin creating a matrix or scaffolding under the skin. Once in place, they create a supportive structure that lifts sagging skin and stimulates collagen production and elastin repair. The threads are strategically positioned to target specific areas of concern, such as fine lines, wrinkles, or loose skin. This, in turn initiates a trauma response, whereby an intensive collagen and elastin repair process is induced. 

PDO Threads are a very effective way to stimulate collagen synthesis and renew and restore skin, tightness and brightness. We use them either as a standalone treatment or to compliment other collagen inducing and bio remodelling treatments such as Profhilo and Ultraformer.

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Benefits of Collagen Enhancement Treatments

Promote youthful and firmer skin

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Improve skin elasticity for a more lifted and toned appearance

Enhanced hydration and scar reduction

Typically last 3-6 months on average


Preparation for PDO Mono Threads

To prepare for collagen enhancement treatments, ensure your skin is clean and free from makeup or skincare products. Stay well-hydrated, avoid excessive sun exposure, and follow any pre-treatment instructions provided by your healthcare professional. Your treating specialist at The Well will provide personalised instructions based on your specific circumstances and the type of collagen enhancement treatment you are receiving.

After Care

Aftercare for PDO Mono Threads

1) Avoid touching or applying pressure: For the first 24 hours after your treatment. This will help the threads to settle in the dermis.

2) Stay upright: Avoid lying down or bending over immediately after your treatment.

3) Avoid intense physical activity.

4) Avoid alcohol and blood-thinning medications: Steer clear of consuming alcohol and taking blood-thinning medications for at least 24 hours post-treatment. These substances can increase the risk of bruising and prolong the healing process.

5) Stay hydrated: Hydrated skin tends to recover more effectively and can enhance the overall results of the PDO Threads treatment.

10 Threads (min)

$45 per thread

10 – 30 threads

$40 per thread

10 – 50 threads

$35 per thread

10 – 100 threads

$25 per thread

10 – 100+ threads

$20 per thread

Experience the difference

Tailored Results

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PDO Threads

Cosmetic Injector: Paula Brady

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Gummy Smile

Cosmetic Injector: Paula Brady

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Jawline Filler

Cosmetic Injector: Paula Brady

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Lip Filler

Cosmetic Injector: Paula Brady

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Tear Trough Filler

Cosmetic Injector: Paula Brady


PDO mono thread treatments are minimally invasive and typically performed in conjunction with numbing with cream. The procedure involves minimal downtime, and any potential side effects such as mild swelling or bruising are temporary and resolve quickly. You will typically experience results at six weeks and the effects will last twelve to eighteen months.


As with every treatment, we will consult with you and determine the best approach to take to achieve your desired result. You will never be rushed. We always allocate enough time to ensure that the outcome is exactly what is desired. We will talk you through the key properties of PDO Mono threads, what to expect during and after the treatment and how they can complement other collagen and lift inducing treatments.

Not sure which treatment is right for you?

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At our clinic, we offer a wide range of cosmetic injectables, including the latest bio remodellers to restore lost volume and stimulate collagen, dermal fillers to restore volume, reduce wrinkles, and enhance facial features, as well as muscle relaxants to minimise fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions.
Our experienced team will conduct a thorough consultation to assess your skin type, concerns, and goals. Based on this evaluation, we will recommend the most suitable skin rejuvenation treatments and products that align with your unique needs. Please call us to discuss further.
Absolutely! We prioritise safety and efficacy in all our offerings. We only use the best TGA approved products, scientifically based and rigorously tested serums and treatments from and the world’s leading aesthetic machines.
The duration of results can vary depending on the specific treatment and individual factors. Generally, cosmetic injectables’ effects typically last several months, while skin rejuvenation treatments can have longer-lasting results, especially with regular maintenance treatments.
Yes, our clinic offers a variety of treatments suitable for different skin types and ages. Whether you’re concerned about signs of aging, acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, or simply want to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, we have personalised solutions tailored to address your specific needs.

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